Pro Patria now on Kindle

Pro Patria is a big book.  It weighs in at about 2 lbs. 6 3/4 oz.  That’s 768 pages of World War I story and history taking you through battles and boredom, love and loss, and dueling loyalties.  If you love a big read with a big story then you won’t mind carrying it with you as you travel through Bernardino’s time in the Italian Army.  If however, an e-reader is easier for your lifestyle, Pro Patria is now available on Kindle. So travel lightly or travel hard — be on the ground on the Italian Front with Pro Patria on Amazon and Kindle.

One thought on “Pro Patria now on Kindle

  1. Got this book for my Father Donald Bernardini for Christmas, and for myself and my daughter. Thank you for keeping our family history alive! My Dad told me about this book his cousin wrote, love it!


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